Why CrossFit Quo Vadis?

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Quo Vadis is Latin for the question “where are you going?”  At CrossFit Quo Vadis we encourage you to answer “where are you going?” in all aspects of life. Knowing where you’re going and having a plan to get there allows you to excel in all that you do.

We understand that there are a lot of fitness options to choose from when deciding how to best get fit in Ennis. So we ask you, “where are you going” and hope to show why you should choose CrossFit Quo Vadis.


CrossFit Quo Vadis is an 8,000 sqft facility, making us the largest CrossFit Gym from South Dallas to Waco.

Our large open floor plan allows plenty of room for athletes to spread out to complete their workout without interfering with others in class. We offer 5,000 sqft of workout space, an alternate 500 sqft lifting area, a 600 sqft kids area matted and fenced off for parents to have a safe space for their children during classes. In addition to the training spaces, we also have two locker rooms complete with 16 lockers each, a male and female restroom, and a water fountain with a top fill where you can either take a sip or fill your water bottle without wasting any plastic.





We outfit our facility with the best equipment from the top companies in the industry. At CrossFit we work on transforming our bodies, with any work we do, it is best to use the correct and best tools. At CFQV we choose quality!

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The big difference between CFQV and a “traditional gym” is being a coached facility. Having someone write programming, lead you through daily training, and ensure you are moving well throughout your training session.

Owner/Head Coach Stephen Thompson is passionate about seeing our athletes reach their fitness goals and spends time getting to know each athlete to help them realize the objectives they have set for themselves.

When Stephen is not coaching a class, we make sure to have one of our qualified coaches (Justyn Wilder, Kepha Burke, & Brian Clark) lead every class, again we strive for high quality!

At CrossFit Quo Vadis – coaches coach.


CrossFit Quo Vadis is not just a place to workout. We want our members to be the healthiest versions of themselves and that involves the food we put in our mouths. We focus on proper fueling for training to get desired results. Nutritional advice and counsel is available for all our members along with providing post workout supplementation at the gym.



Our community is a family. We travel a journey of fitness together, which means we train, are sore, go through challenges, and participate in activities together.

The community aspect of training transforms the normal workout routine into a training method that goes beyond self and pushes the results to something further.

Average Joe/Jane:

The CFQV community is for the average Joe/Jane. The average age of our athlete is 35 years old. We are about getting in the best shape of our lives and being able to function well into our 80s and 90s, living a full functioning life!

You will fit in right where you are, whether you’re the 40 year old house wife or the 20 something year old competitor, CFQV is for you.   Competing is something we have fun with and have done well in the past. But we take more pride when someone walks in the door with blood work results and their doctor takes them off of medications for the first time in 10-15 years.

CrossFit Quo Vadis is for you!



As they say, a picture speaks 1,000 words.

The reality is – results are earned here. Period. Coming in and putting in work at the gym and the kitchen will produce results.

We believe in trusting in the process. Gaining the results you want, whether that is leaning out and losing weight or adding strength and muscle mass, it takes time. Trust in the process – results come.

Where are you going? Well, I hope you come and journey with us to become the healthiest, strongest, and best version of yourself!

CrossFit Quo Vadis – Elite Fitness For Ennis