CFQV Intramural OPEN

The OPEN is upon us. The CrossFit Games OPEN is where we put our fitness to the test. A 5 week competition to test fitness. Every Thursday night CrossFit HQ releases a workout to be completed by the next Monday. You will complete the workout, post your score online, and see where you stack up against friends, family, gym mates, and the world.

At CFQV we are doing things a little differently. We will be competing at the worldwide level, but we will also keep our competition “in house”, Intramural Style!

Within our gym we will do the Open workouts and each person competing will be on an intramural team. Each team will have a captain and there will be points awarded each week.

Note* For the Intramural Open, the main emphasis of points will be on participation; to show up, compete, and have fun – not performance! So if you’re worried about “not being ready” – don’t be! As you’ll see in the rules below, only the top 3 males and females in each division (RX and Scaled) will score additional points for their team! 

Our goal is to make this a fun experience for everyone and bring our community together to testing our hard work that we put in each week!

Every Thursday will we host a CrossFit Open watching party at 7 PM to watch the fittest in the world complete the same workout as you!

The OPEN brings the family together!

Sign Up

Registration is now open at Once registered, let your coach know and your Intramural season will begin. Cost of registering for the Open is $20 which you pay online on the CrossFit website.

Getting on a team

As soon as you register, your coach will inform the team captains you are ready to roll! Then the recruitment begins!

You guys are athletes and are available to your team’s success. Much like a high school student being recruited colleges.

Workout Day

Open Saturday’s will be our big event days for the #CFQVOpen. We’ll be at the box starting at 9 AM to warm up and get ready for the WOD. We’ll have a warm up and mobility prep work on the board. We’ll also have some strategy tips for you as well.

Team Spirit! Have fun! Come with your teammates, represent your team with team colors, and invite friends & family as your own cheering section! We will run heats of the WOD starting around 9:30 or so until we’re done. After that we’ll have a #CFQVFamily meal for some fuel and community time.

Can’t attend the testing day?
If you cannot make the Saturday Open WoD, you can have an opportunity to complete it on Monday.

Come dressed in your team colors (goes towards standings)


We judge your performance: EXHAUSTING

Each athlete will have a judge for every OPEN workout to hold the athlete to the specific standard set by HQ

Your coach will go over standards for the movements prior to starting the event.


1) Attendance– Points are awarded for each team player who completes the workout each week.

  • 2 points for completing the workout on Saturday morning.
  • 1 point for getting it done.

2) Performance – 3 points Awarded to the males AND females in the top 3 in Rx AND top 3 in Scaled

3) .5 point for each team member wearing the team colors.

3) Spirit – 5 points Awarded to the team that has the most pride, noise and of course PRESENCE each week

4) The final WoD – the Saturday after the OPEN we will have one last hoorah at the box for the final scored event. This will be complete fun followed by a pot luck and the champion crowned!


The CFQV Intramural OPEN Championship belt! This belt will have the signature of every athlete on it an proudly displayed in the gym all year!

All smiles watching other’s pain!

WHO IS READY TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!! Let’s get maximum participation and have a great time!!!

Watch the video below to catch up on the history of the OPEN since 2011.  2011 was the inaugural year of the OPEN and your coach was one of the 26,000 athletes to compete, Stephen was only 3 months into CrossFit and has competed in every OPEN since then, improving his worldwide performance every year.  It’s your time to begin the journey.