Monday January 18, 2016


The OPEN season is upon us! 16.1 will be released on Thursday February 25th. At CFQV we will be doing the OPEN as a big community on Saturday mornings. There will be an opportunity to make up the OPEN on Mondays during the OPEN season. 

To prepare for the OPEN, we are doing away with the STRONG/GPP programming for the next 12 weeks. The next 6 weeks of programming will be as follows: Mondays and Saturdays we will complete previous OPEN wods. Weightlifting Wednesdays will continue as normal. The other days of the week we will be hitting metcons in the 10-20 minute range, build our engines by getting short conditioning pieces in, and practicing skills we will see in the OPEN.

It starts today!

A) 13.4AMRAP 7 of:


  • Clean and Jerk, 135/95
  • Toes to Bar

B) EMOMx7: 200m Run

  • Rest 3 minutes

EMOMx7: 200m Run