The Dad Bod Prob

Happy Father’s Day!

The nagging “Dad Bod”.

All dads know how it can go when you have a kid. Sleepless nights, unplanned meal times (for you and the new little one), fast food, a lot of ice cream, and little time to work out. Inevitably we are prone to adding an extra 10 to 20 pounds only to find it more difficult to lose after a metabolism slow down and schedules become busier. Below are five tips to help you avoid the dad bod (or help the dad bod disappear) and maybe become a better dad in the process. 


Whether your child is a toddler, in grade school, or grad school; find some way to engage physically with your family. Walks around the neighborhood, playing on the playground (be a kid yourself), biking, playing sport, running, hiking, swimming, canoeing, or anything that encourages the family to get outside and move! All these activities not only require more energy (calories), but it allows more quality time with your children.


As we become dads, it’s easier and easier to run to the drive-through on the way home, grab one more slice of pizza, or eat that ENTIRE PINT of Bluebell ice cream (guilty). Your metabolism does not work as efficiently or as fast as it did 10-20 years ago which makes that extra 10-20 pounds harder to disappear. Eat a diet consisting of lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Knowing how many calories you’re consuming versus how many you burn is key when controlling your weight and your waist line. That calculation is easier than some think and if you need a little help with that, we know a place.


Whether you are the dad who likes to drink energy drinks every morning with breakfast, a few sodas with lunch, or have no problem going through a 30 pack over the weekend: those drinks will make you swell up…fast. These are wasted calories (literally waisted calories) that you do not need to fuel your body. These beverage calories are hard to burn off and medically can wreck your health. Consumption of these help fat stick to your love handles and your midsection much more than you would prefer.

The Dad Bod in Reverse


Our children watch us, they pay close attention, and try to mimic dad’s behavior. You are a superstar and a hero! Find a healthy hobby or place to work out! Find a community (again, we know a place) that supports your new healthy lifestyle and will help you become better. We have to lead by example for our children. We show them what it looks like for someone who is an example of health, modeling balance and success.  Be active, make it a priority, be the example.

Number 5 – BE INVOLVED. 

Spend time with your children and share in healthy activities at home. Whether involvement is chasing the kids around at home, doing yard work and home maintenance, being involved in their sport activities, or being active in the meal planning and cooking. Be involved in your kid’s lives – your time can help set the example of what it means to be healthy and to care about your physical appearance. You caring about your health and well being communicates that you want to be around with them to not only celebrate Father’s Day, but to celebrate grandfathers day, and great grandfathers day as well.

Hopefully you found this information helpful and can implement these five things in your life to get rid of the dad bod or to at least avoid it whenever it tries to sneak up. If you would like us to help you along your change to a healthier you, send us an email at to claim a FREE 3 DAY PASS!