Chronic Disease and the Solution

So what is the problem?

The problem is CHRONIC DISEASE. We have heard, especially in the pandemic of COVID-19, that the concept of comorbidities. The high blood pressure, the diabetes, the high triglyceride levels, the obesity, and all of these things are detriments to your health. They actually make you sick and as we saw in the “Sickness – Wellness – Fitness Continuum”,the opposite sickness is fitness. So we believe that we have the answer to chronic disease that we solve Type 2 Diabetes and help get you off of your medications! Studies have showed that if you can lose 10% of your body weight that your health markers all normalize again .

We Have the Answer

CrossFit says that “we sit collectively in a unique possession the solution to the world’s most vexing problem”! We believe it and act upon it in our approach to nutrition with strength training and metabolic conditioning.

Nutrition has to be the FOUNDATION to your fitness, the opposite in your sickness! The treatment? Is it Preventative or solved by Prescription?  “For decades, neither diet nor exercise has been discussed in any depth at most U.S medical schools. Some institu- tions spare a few hours here and there to explain the federal government’s food pyramid or how nutrients are absorbed and to vaguely advise that “moderate” exercise is good. Meanwhile, many Americans look to their doctors as family members die younger or live their later years with more disease than citizens of poorer countries—despite the U.S. spending nearly $3 trillion on health care in 2013. (

What are you looking for? Would you rather be on blood pressure medicine or diabetic medication for the rest of your life OR eat good food and exercise well to have a physically healthy, fit life? “Medicine created an environment in which people can develop chronic diseases and live with them. In turn, medicine became less about maintaining health and more about managing disease.”