Nutrition as Foundation

“A member sits down and has a conversation with you about a sticking point often related to weight. You realize eating habits have not changed at all, the body has adjusted to the workouts and the athlete is no longer losing weight at the same rate or at all.”

So we have to start from the beginning – from the foundation! The foundation of what it means to be an athlete is nutrition and I have to correct my wrongdoings. Teaching you how to squat, teaching you how to clean, teaching you how to deadlift, but not teaching you how to eat well – building you up the right way!

Theoretical Hierarchy of the Development of an Athlete—the “pyramid,” as it’s often called, shown at above—and explain that nutrition is actually the foundation.

It starts with nutrition and moves to metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting and finally sport.

Left Handed Swimmer or Right Handed Swimmer?

Everything is built on nutrition – making you better! When someone ask is it more about you eat or more about your exercise – to us it is similar to asking the question hey do you want to be a right handed swimmer or a left handed swimmer?  You have to do both to be able to fix the problem in which we discuss of chronic disease.