What are we suggesting? Enter the Zone!

We want to go on a Zone diet approach.


Zone basically allows us to have our energy stores spread out across the day and not allow our blood sugars to spike, to then release a big dump of insulin to then feel that crash, which leads to us continually going up and down and up and down in our energy levels . That throughout the entire day we can feel like we have adequate energy. Eating good nutritious foods – we feel good and perform well. We look good.

So how do we do that?


click here for the most helpful article

This article has Zone meal plans laid out for you if you’re the type that says, “ just tell me what it is I need to eat” – here is a way to do that.

CrossFit Ringwood did a great job summarizing Zone in this write up: http://crossfitringwood.com/the-zone-diet/

It may contain more information than you need to get started, but great to reference as you progress through it and adopt more implementations of it. An online Calculator to suggest how many blocks you need, fill out as honestly as possible for best results.  This calculator breaks down a sample day of 6 meals, CrossFit suggest 5. So I would take the calculation of the number of meals and reference the article above to see how to space the meals out. http://www.dbhonline.com/zoneful/p_calculator.htm images taken from the this CrossFit Journal Article